Read what some clients of Mind Spirit Coaching are saying about the guidance they have received.

Naomi’s Life Coaching was profoundly helpful in pin-pointing exactly what it is that I love and what my soul longs to put out into the world. She holds an extraordinary ability to awaken the inner guide by simple and life changing questions. She never gives you the answer but allows you to “experience your own whispers and sometimes roaring wisdom” from within, who easily shows you what you’re meant to be doing on the wild ride, called “life”. In her intuitive wisdom and training, it is in her questions that ignite you on finding your path. Also, actions steps that keep moving you forward from her coaching keep you on tasks to fulfilling your highest potential. It is with the upmost recommendation that I sincerely recommend this skilled practitioner who gently leads you to your highest dreams. 

Natalie Lynn Goff
30-year Yoga Instructor, Workshop Facilitator and nationally-recognized artist. 

I cannot say enough magnificent things about my Life Coach Naomi Rafalowicz. Coaching with her has been a very powerful experience for me. Having worked myself with other life coaches in the past, I can assure that Naomi is a skilled and compassionate coach who helps me to find the most exquisite answers that I did not know were inside me. Most of all, Life Coaching with Naomi has allowed me to remember who I really am, she helped me perfecting my life’s purpose, how to connect to the universal energy and the light inside me and lead a life that I create!

Naomi holds a confidential, and safe sacred space for me, and it is a place where she helps me move forward, to be in my Life’s Purpose with joy, in my everyday life and in my profession. She always knows how to bring the session back to myself. She has helped me create and move forward, from my heart center. Coaching is more powerful than a discussion with my dearest friends. It is a powerful process that has asked me to take action to create my most authentic, joyful life. My life is too important to leave to others and coaching with Naomi allowed me to feel in charge and knowing my own answers or finding them if they aren’t clear.

Being in this coaching relationship has been a joyful journey in my life. Thank you, Naomi for being magnficent!

Brigitte L.
Salon Owner and Life Coach

Naomi was my personal life coach for a six-month period starting in late 2016. Due to living so far apart, we conducted our sessions over the phone. This was the first time that I used a life coach. I have known Naomi on a personal basis for years. My purpose in using a life coach was to gain an objective opinion on personal and career goals. By the end of my introductory session with Naomi, I was already seeing positive results. 

My experience working with her was extremely rewarding. Naomi was very professional, and it reflected in both her passion and preparation as a Life Coach. The Foundation Session was an excellent start, as it kept me focused during and outside of coaching sessions. The critical result of this session was to become so much more self-aware in such a short time. I valued that my every commitment was created and owned by me. 

The single word that I can describe why Naomi excelled as a life coach would be “empathy”. As a life coach, Naomi leveraged her prior successful career in education. She quickly appreciated my corporate world. Our focus evolved from career to life changing.

Cort M.
Senior Manager, Technology Consultant

Coaching with Naomi has been life-giving. Her approach to our time together, using her self-discovery process, makes it simple to initiate forward momentum. The revealing of hitherto hidden insights during the self-discovery session is both freeing and inspiring. Armed with a new purpose statement, one can then embark on a journey of fulfilling this destiny by applying the self-discovery insights to life’s journey. Even seemingly negative discoveries can be re-framed with Naomi’s help. She focuses on the client, with a wholly positive attitude, and gently leads each session to a fruitful conclusion. In my experience, coaching with Naomi is a valuable investment, which pays rich dividends.

Mark Burlinson
Lead Pastor, Catch the Fire Church, Myrtle Beach, SC

Naomi is a supportive and caring coach whose aura of peace and stability was a comfort as I worked through a tumultuous time in my life. Naomi supported me in raising my awareness around beliefs I had that were not serving me. She helped me learn to focus on the “being” and not the “doing”. In a short period of time Naomi helped me achieve a drastic shift in how I operate in the world. Thank you, Naomi!

Cari G.

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