I never thought of myself as a highly successful person.  Sure, I have experienced success and failure just like everyone has. My belief was that success was driven by the things I had and did.  What is came to realize was that success was also internal and defined by who I want to be.

Success means being able to be myself, maybe not with ease and grace, but nonetheless, being who I am.

Success is a state that ebbs and flows.  It is not something to be achieved and then held onto.  It changes from day to day, and year to year.  The secret is how we think about success can never be a secret to ourselves.  It must be taken out of storage, revealed in the light of day, and dusted off on a regular basis.  It must be pondered, adjusted, and changed as we mature and grow.  For me, the biggest part of the secret is understanding success is always based on who I want to be while I am acting in the world.

We all have a success barometer and just need to tune in.  What kind of success barometer do you have and are you using it?

What is my internal concept of success, right now, in this moment?

  • Living and being and making decisions and choices and acting from my place of truth.
  • Being willing to be open with the people in my life
  • Acting and speaking from a place of good intention, rather than a place of blame, resentment, disappointment, or harm.

So here is what I ask you to ponder. 

Are you more successful than you ever thought?

What does your barometer look and feel like? How can you use it to cultivate success?

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