Courage is personal to me. Courage should be personal to you. Can you think about courage in a different and new way?

For me, courage is the willingness to act in the face of fear. Let me tell you how courage plays a role in my life. It’s the little points of courage that we don’t even think about that define how courageous we really are.   

I always thought about courage as what I’m gonna call big courage. Big courage is superhero courage. Big courage is just putting one foot in front of the other kind of courage.  I always thought being courageous meant doing those things most of us would never dare to do. Acting in the face of fear when most others would not act. Yes. that is courage. It’s big courage.

Now I look at courage in a different way. Can you imagine being courageous in the smallest ways by doing the smallest tasks? I’m going to call this personal courage. To me, personal courage means being willing to act in the face of personal fear and limitations by doing something that is personally fearful, challenging or limiting just for you.

And let me throw something else out there for you. Can you consider that how things turn out when it comes to an act of courage is actually inconsequential to how courageous you really are.  The courage is in the willingness to act. 

Here is the key to knowing that you are so much more courageous than you ever thought. When you move forward in the face of your own personal limitations you might be thinking that what you were doing is not courageous at all because for other people it would not be viewed as courageous. But that kind of thinking limits us. And that kind of thinking keeps us from seeing how courageous we are.

For one person, making a phone call is an act of incredible courage.

For another, showing up at a social gathering is an act of incredible courage.

For another, signing up for class or speaking up to a coworker is an act of incredible courage.

Personal courage. This is the courage that we often overlook. This is the courage that we often don’t acknowledge in ourselves. This is courage.                                   

I want to challenge you to look back and list all the small points of courage that you may have overlooked in your life.   I want to invite you to write them down and look over this list with pride and acknowledgment. 

All these instances of personal courage that you never noticed before; they exist!

Courage is courage. Courage is personal.  Know how courageous you are and celebrate it.  Do you want to experience and understand how successful you are? Call or email today to schedule your 30-Minute Discovery Call.